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4 Ways to Build a Healthy Team Culture at Work

4 Ways to Build a Healthy Team Culture at Work

4 Ways to Build a Healthy Team Culture at Work

  1. Communication is the key
  2. Set Team Goals
  3. Organize Team Events
  4. Surveys

Your team is the basis for a successful company and the atmosphere is not only important for long-term success but especially it is important for your employee's well-being at work. They should feel safe, comfortable, and happy at work and enjoy going to the office every day.

Great team culture can also be a factor for future employees to apply to a job in your company as well as to retain the best talents. In addition, word of a good team culture spreads quickly and many new applicants place extreme value on good teamwork.

You would like to have a team that loves to work together and supports each other?Then this is your guide to build a healthy team culture in your company and for your team in 4 easy ways which can be included in everyday office routine.

1. Communication is the Key

Communication between team members is extremely important and the requirement for not only a successful month in your company.

Team Leaders, HR -and Office Managers should act like leading role models supporting, guiding, and helping with clear instructions and tasks.
Your team should feel that they can come to you with any concerns and that you handle issues and questions with respect and discretion, regardless of all circumstances.

Support them to feel safe and well treated and you will see that not only your team will be more open to talking but also single team members will be more clear and direct with all types of requests. Additionally, clear team communication in the office will give everyone the opportunity to solve problems and misunderstandings more easily to create a healthy and well-balanced communication network in your company.

2. Set Team Goals

What do you want to achieve together with your team or what do your team members want to achieve among themselves?

Setting goals can build and awake the team spirit of every team member and help to build a constant basis of Team-Work. Not only will your team be able to get to know each other more and grow with each other, which in turn brings them closer together but they will also find different ways to communicate and exchange previous experiences with each other. Your team should have the feeling that they can participate and influence their working environment one by one and build with easy steps, a great team spirit.

3. Organize Team Events

Team-working tasks, as well as team meetings, are a great chance to get to know the other members of your team. Create those chances for your team and organize different events throughout the year inside and outside the office walls.

Common ideas for team events are for example coffee breaks, where you can provide your team with fruits, cake, and muffins ordered by the bakery close to your office.  Another idea can be Pizza-Friday or Breakfast Monday a few times in a month:  order some pizza or organize breakfast for your whole team. It will not only help to motivate them but also gives them a chance to build relationships outside of work.

Another good option is also to have daily lunch together where employees exchange their opinions, make jokes together, relaxing from work together and work this way, unconsciously on the atmosphere within the office. Did you already know that Bella&Bona offers a variety of different lunch options for everyone? Easy, smart, and time-saving for your company!

Also, After-Work-Partys in the office can be a nice idea to connect team members together, which are not seeing each other really often. Easily turn your office kitchen with some nice decor and lights into a small party.

So grab your team and ask the others about their wishes and needs regarding possible team events.

4. Surveys

It´s not always possible and easy to talk with your team to get to know their opinions.

You should always keep in mind that not everyone is willing to share their personal opinion in a face-to-face talk. Another aspect is the time factor, sometimes a team consists of 50 team members or more, in these cases it makes sense to make surveys to save time.

For this reason, secret surveys are a good possibility to get to know every single employee's idea and opinion. Let your team evaluate the team culture and the team regularly to show your effort and support. After the evaluation of those surveys, you can still look for a conversation with the team members and tell them about new possibilities and measures based on their feedback, which can be taken to improve your team culture, as well as the overall success in the company.

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