The superior alternative to the canteen - with meal allowances!

Fresh and nutritious lunch delivered directly to the workplace in Berlin and Munich, along with a comprehensive solution for financial meal subsidies.

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Utilize tax advantages through meal subsidies

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A wide range of fresh and nutritious lunch options

With Bella&Bona's delivery service and the employer's provision for meal subsidies, there is now an opportunity to relish fresh and cost-effective meals in the office, even in the absence of a canteen.

Woman holding a fork inside of a Vytal recyclable bowl with Bella & Bona food

Erleben Sie jeden Tag ein neues Mittagsabenteuer

Unsere Speisekarte bietet für jeden Geschmack etwas, von lokaler und ausländischer Küche bis zu Bio-Gerichten.

Woman holding a fork inside of a Vytal recyclable bowl with Bella & Bona food

Simple Ordering and Flexible Delivery Options

Bella&Bona offers a varied menu of fresh, high-quality, and affordable food. During lunch breaks, employees can relax and socialize with colleagues, each according to their preference.

Woman holding a fork inside of a Vytal recyclable bowl with Bella & Bona food
Sustainable bowl for an office lunch
Sustainable bowl for an office lunch

Nachhaltige Küche für nachhaltige Teams mit Bella&Bona

Unsere Verpackungen sind wiederverwendbar. Wir setzen uns für die Umwelt ein und streben an, keinen Müll zu erzeugen.

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It's a win-win situation for both employers and employees!

Similar to canteens or meal vouchers, Bella&Bona's service can be subsidized by employers with a tax advantage. This makes it a great option for both parties.

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Flexibilität ist der Schlüssel - gestalte deinen perfekten Mittagsplan

Wir passen uns an Ihre Bedürfnisse an: Sie entscheiden, wann und wie oft das Mittagessen geliefert wird. Wir kümmern uns um das Essen, Ihr Team um den Genuss.

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Ein-Klick Mittagsbestellung für Teams

Entdecken Sie unsere Online-Kantine: einfach über App oder Website zugänglich! Erhalten Sie alle wichtigen Informationen zu unseren Gerichten, Allergenen, Getränken und Desserts.

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Essential Factors for Tax-Free Meal Allowances

Tax-free benefits in kind for employees come in different forms of payment and tax limits depending on the meal type. Employers and employees should consider three key factors for tax-free meal allowances:

• Published benefits in kind annually

• Amount of meal subsidy per employee per meal

• Employees' own contribution per meal

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Requirements for Using Meal Allowances

If you're an employer in Berlin or Munich, you can use meal allowances to increase employee satisfaction and productivity. However, tax office confirmation is required. While lunch can be the most significant meal of the day, Bella & Bona's other dishes are just as delicious.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an employee meal allowance?

Employee meal allowances are a government-sponsored tool designed to provide tax breaks for employees who spend on meals during working hours.

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How do employer subsidies for meals work?

Typically, the legislature sets the reference value for employee catering annually. If the employee pays at least this value, there will be no monetary advantage for the employee, and the entire subsidy will be tax-free.

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What is the benefit of government-sponsored meal allowances?

Meal subsidies are tax-deductible and duty-free. Investing in good and healthy food can increase employee productivity and well-being. Meal subsidies offer a good alternative to a regular salary increase.

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Increase Employee Happiness and Attract Talent with Bella&Bona

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• With Bella&Bona's fresh and delicious dishes, everyone in Berlin and Munich can finally have a healthy lunch delivered straight to their office.

• Our delivery service offers real added value, which plays an important role in both the satisfaction of existing employees and the acquisition of new employees.

• Bella&Bona takes tax-privileged meal allowances into account, benefiting both employers and employees.

• With our app, employees can easily and conveniently order their meals based on the previously agreed conditions without any further coordination.

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