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Organize a unique culinary experience in Schwabing-West, right in your office.
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The All-In-One Solution for your Business Catering in Schwabing-West

Essen für alle Diäten
Food for all diets
Meat, fish, vegan, and vegetarian options
Getränke & Bier
Drinks and Beer
Don't worry! No one will stay thirsty :)
Kompletter Business Catering Service
Kompletter Service
Delivery, setup, and pickup included.

 A Culinary Experience for All Diets and Cultures

Food for all diets and cultures
Our versatile menu offers a selection of hot and cold dishes. Whether it's meat, fish, vegetarian, or vegan - everyone will enjoy their meal. Experience an international culinary journey with options like Italian cuisine and spicy Indian dishes.
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A Stress-Free Catering Service for Your Company

Full Business Catering service
Our service includes delivery, setup, and pickup. Whether it's a small office lunch or a large company-wide meeting, our expert team guarantees a hassle-free catering experience.
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Full Business Catering service

What our customers say

Dennis Radenz, Bella & Bona business catering testimonial
Dennis Radenz
HR Manager
It was a great event, guests and the team really enjoyed the food and service.
Elanum GmbH, Berlin
142 Employees
Susan Geißler, Bella & Bona Business Catering Testimonial
Susan Geißler
Office Manager
Our event was perfect. Bella&Bona organized it according to our wishes.
Altere GmbH, Berlin
235 Employees
Anna Boehm, Bella & Bona Business Catering Testimonial
Anna Boehm
People Manager
In the summer of '21, we organized our party with Bella&Bona, and we are happy.
Floxy GmbH, Munich
303 Employees
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